They're lying!

Player name Character name Attending
Chresten Dan Yes
Claus Darrik Yes
Dennis Samuel Ironclaw Yes
Jonaz Nilia Whitemend Yes

Day 1

The party of four travelled along a gravel road on their way to the land of Neldria. As they move along the road a shadowy character approaches them in his wagon. Dan, the mighty humourous halfling bard, notices a fresh scar on the character’s forehead, but when asking about it, the character hastily rides past. With no further worries, the party heads towards the woods, defining the southern border of Neldria.

Upon reaching the forest, Nilia, the aggressive and lore-disinterested healer, identifies two Heironious Guards packing up a barricade. As the party approaches, the curious bard asks about their business. Not wanting to discourage the visitors of the land, the guards are careful about the information they give about this given assignment, but tells the halfling, that they just released a prisoner and sent him out of the country. After this short conversation, the party continues into the forest.

The party continues towards Lakeshire and as the sun sets and they exit the forest, they head off the road to set camp. Darrik, the Airstabbing Rogue, sets up a campfire. Samuel, the table-shrinking Defender of the Innocents, enters the woods to hunt. Nilia goes looking for rabbit-food, while Dan and his trusty dog “No-name” looks after the camp. Nilia returns with bountiful bags of vegetables and Samuel returns with 3 boar legs, leaving the rest for the wild animals.

Well-fed and satisfied, the party goes to bed and falls asleep. Several hours later, “No-name” starts barking and the party awakens to the sight of two wolves, previously feasting on the boar Samuel left. Heroicly, or foolhardedly, “No-name” rushes the larger wolf and succesfully wounds it. The party kills the wolf and the other flees.

The rest of the night, Samuel guards the camp, as the rest sleeps in.

Day 2

The party awakens and continues their travel down the road. Reaching a bridge, they clean themselves, while Darrik polishes his sword and Nilia aids a travelling merchant on the bridge, who’s horse made an armor fall off his wagon. After a short conversation, the merchant offered Nilia a discount on his wares. All she had to do, was to go to the Market in Lakeshire and ask for “Sedrick Dealsmith”.

They finally reach Lakeshire, and just in time to hear Henry Hamilton’s speech. He requested aid in recovering an artefact from a ruin to the west. With the many adventurers interested in this quest, the party decides to ask for further details from Mr. Hamilton. Specifying the location of the ruins, Hamilton heads home.

Exiting the city and heading towards the woods, the party notices groups of travellers heading in all directions, but only a shadowy group of three heading towards the forest.
With the strangers out of sight, the party finds an interesting cave. Nilia finds a wounded and mistreated bear on the brink of death, she decides to attempt to save it. Succesful with her healing abilities, the bear acknowledges his savior and runs off into the woods.

Upon finding a small, recently carved, tunnel in the end of the cave, the party continues their adventure. At the end of the tunnel, they find something that resembles the ruins they were searching for. Shortly after they enter the ruins, they are attacked by a group of Kobolds. Samuel attempts to bargain with the Kobolds, offering them the dog, Dan and Nilia, but Darrik attempts to sneak behind the Kobolds to perform a surprise-attack, but fails. The attacked Kobold yells: “They’re lying! They’re lying!” and the fight begins. After a long, and at times creative, battle, the last Kobold yields and after supplying Samuel with the information he wants, he sets the Kobold free. As the Kobold runs off, the merciless and fearsome warrior-bard Dan surprises the Kobold, slashing off its leg and performing a poor Coup-de-grace. In its dying breath, the Kobold utters the words: “They’re lyin-..”


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